“I will help your sister… if you agree to marry me.”

With her father behind bars and her brother having fled the country, Penelope is left to fend for herself and her sister. And she would do anything for a chance to escape this impoverished life.

The Duke of Huxton has no qualms about putting his family’s murderer in prison. And yet, revenge does not seem to satisfy his black heart. Until his adversary’s daughter walks into his study, determined to make him pay.

Desperate and destitute, Penelope turns to the very man responsible for her family’s ruination. But she never expected the Cruel Duke to make her such an outlandish offer: Her hand in marriage in exchange for her sister’s future…
Loretta Levine Regency Era Author

Loretta Levine is an American Author of Steamy Regency Novels. A linguist, a poet, a dreamer, but most importantly, a woman with a passion for romance.

After leaving sunny Colorado to travel and explore the world and her writing, she fell irrevocably in love with both.

Loretta now lives in Scotland where she met the man of her dreams and father of her children. And their undying love and devotion have only helped spur her dreams forward.

“To me, the Regency Era is more than just a historical setting. It is a place in time in which I can finally be myself. 

A time of true romance that makes my heart skip a beat…”

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